Our Menus: Light Lunch

Light lunch menu served from 12-6pm

Chef’s Selection £8.75
All served on toasted ciabatta or malted bloomer bread with a fresh salad garnish and homemade crisps of the day

Truffled Sea Trout
with cumin, fennel and dill, bound together with a truffle and lemon scented crème fraîche and fresh rocket

Piri-piri chicken
bound in minted yoghurt with mango chutney

Smoked salmon
with spinach and black garlic ricotta cheese

Roasted Plum Tomatoes
with buffalo mozzarella, harissa houmous and fresh baby basil (V)

Brasserie Selection £9.95
All served with seasoned crispy diced potatoes

Lamb Seekh Kebab
with smoked aubergine purée served on toasted sourdough with melted smoked cheese and a spiced pear chutney

Chef’s Hot Roast of the Day
served on toasted sourdough

sliced bacon, lettuce & tomato bound in mayonnaise served on toasted wholemeal or white bread (add chicken for £1)

Breaded Hake Fillet
on toasted brioche with pea purée, green kraut relish and tartar sauce, dressed with fresh watercress

Classic Sandwiches £6.25
All served on wholemeal or white bread with a fresh salad garnish

Honey Roasted Ham
with caramelised apple and fig purée

Roast Chicken
with a spiced plum stuffing

Coronation Egg Mayonnaise
with Indian spices and dried mixed fruit (V)

Smoked Applewood Cheese
with red onion marmalade (V)

Soup and Sandwich Combination £10.95

Any of the above classic sandwiches served with our homemade soup of the day

Homemade Soup of the Day £5.95

Served with toasted ciabatta

Side Orders

Marinated Olives with sundried tomatoes £3.95

Garlic Ciabatta £2.95 (add cheese for 50p)

Crispy Diced Potatoes £3.75
seasoned with smoked paprika, Maldon salt & rosemary

Seasoned Calamari £4.65

Baby Baked Chorizo £4.95

Bread Board £4.45
Rustic breads with harissa houmous and tahini & mustard flavoured maple syrup

TDH Menu at lunch time

Two courses £18.95
Three Courses £20.95

Children’s Menu (aged 12 and under)

Penne Pasta £5.25 (add chicken for 50p)
with fresh tomato sauce served with garlic bread

Panko Breaded Fish £5.75
with mashed potato and garden peas

Local Pork Sausage and Mash £5.75
with onion gravy

Sweet Chilli Chicken Skewer £5.75
served with your choice of salad or vegetables

Any of the above as an adult portion £9.95

Platters to Share
For two £18.95 For one £9.95

French Connection (V)
Baked camembert presented with red onion marmalade, olives, green kraut relish and fresh warm sourdough

Fish Farrago
Teriyaki salmon, fresh smoked salmon and homemade fishcake with tartar sauce, presented with a rustic bread roll

Spiced Selection
Marinated chilli salmon, veal and pork meatballs and chicken skewer served with a sweet chilli sauce, presented with flat bread

Extra bread 75p

Salads £10.45
All served with warmed rustic bread

Chicken & Bacon Cæsar
Cos lettuce, Cæsar dressing and herb croutons with sliced chicken breast and bacon (anchovies optional)

Poached Sea Trout
Tossed with water cress, asparagus spears, spinach, cucumber, plum tomatoes and roasted red peppers, drizzled with a lime, saffron and stem ginger mayonnaise and topped with crispy capers

Piri-piri Chicken
Served on a coriander marinated red salad of beetroot, strawberries, red onion, cherry tomatoes and red peppers, with minted yoghurt and sweet mango chutney

Quinoa and Orange (V)
Fresh orange segments, quinoa, candied cranberries and pistachios, with sautéed peas, sugar snaps, pak choi, spinach and broad beans, drizzled with tahini, wholegrain mustard and maple syrup dressing

Warm Salads £10.95
All served with warmed rustic bread

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers
Served with sweet chilli glazed pak choi, red peppers, baby corn and sweet peas, presented on a bed of mixed leaves, with charred flat bread

Pan Seared Sea Bream
Sea bream served with garden herbed Israeli cous cous with black beans and harissa spiced roasted peppers, finished with a green leaf garnish and a drizzle of Chimichurri verde sauce

Coconut Breaded Goats Cheese (V)
Goats cheese in a coconut crumb, served with Indian spiced cauliflower, chick pea and puy lentil salad, with roasted red onion and fresh chives, finished with banana and mango coulis

Chorizo and Blue Cheese
Baby baked chorizo and Picos Blue cheese served with field mushrooms, grapes and roasted red bell peppers on a bed of mixed leaves